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Today I will be reading revelation’s 18 from verse 14 to 24



And your own pleasant fruits have departed from you, and everything luxurious and splendid is gone from you and you will not see them again.” 



And the merchants of these things, who grew rich by her, will not find them, and they will stand opposite from fear of her punishment, weeping and lamenting, 



And saying, “Alas alas, the great city that wore fine linen and purple and scarlet gilt in gold and precious stones and pearls! 



For the wealth is lost in one hour!” In this way also, every ship Navigator, everyone traveling in a ship to places, and the ship Captains, and everyone who does business at sea, stood from a distance,



And they lamented her when they saw the smoke of her burning and they were saying, “Who is like The Great City?” 



And they cast earth upon their heads and shouted as they wept and lamented and they were saying, “Alas, alas, Great City, by which those who had ships in the sea grew rich from her magnificence, which is destroyed in one hour!”



“Rejoice over her, Oh Heaven, Holy Ones, Apostles and Prophets, because God has executed your judgment upon her!”



And one of the Angels took a mighty stone, great as a millstone, and cast it into the sea and said, “In this way with violence, Babylon The Great City will be thrown down, and it will not exist again!” 



‘And the sound of stringed instruments and of trumpets and the various singers and shouting will not be heard in you again!” 



“And the light of a lamp will not appear to you again, and the voice of a groom and the voice of a bride will not be heard in you again, 

because your merchants had been great ones of The Earth, for by your sorceries you deceived all the nations!” 



And in her was found the blood of The Prophets and Holy Men who were murdered on Earth.



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