This is Priestess Jane Casson of the Ecumenical Order of Christ, and today I will be talking on “A Teaching about Abortion.” This Teaching is from the book called The Return of Christ, which may be purchased from Amazon.
Abortion is a very touchy subject, but we must address it. The answer may not be acceptable to some, but it is the truth.
The Anunnaki look at bodies as the carrier of the spirit, so destroying a body means almost nothing to them, because for them, the spirit is the life, but premature removal of a body does deny a spirit certain maturation opportunity. Death of the innocent is the high price of Feminism… It has nothing to do with “equality” until babies are given an equal choice in this decision. IS ABORTION A SIN? YES!

The problem that people usually encounter when trying to decide if something is a sin or not, is not properly and fully measuring the surrounding circumstances and ramifications when gauging the severity or innocuousness of the activity in question.
Lying is a sin
Scenario 1: A criminal breaks into a woman’s home to rob and rape her. The woman’s daughter is hiding in the basement, but when the criminal asks if anyone else is in the home, the woman lies and says “No” to protect her daughter’s life and safety; bearing the brunt of the assault alone.
Scenario 2: A restaurant is about to close for the evening, and standing outside is an elderly homeless veteran who lost his job because of a war injury, and he is very hungry… Also standing outside is a young man who is mildly hungry, and even though he has money to purchase food, he would prefer to spend it on drugs and his girlfriend, so when the manager of the restaurant says to them both “I’m closing the restaurant for the evening; which one of you is more in need of our leftovers?”, the young man tells a terribly sad lie to get the meal that should have gone to the elderly man who truly needed it.

Clearly the people in both scenarios lied, but clearly, one of the two was acting nobly, so one lie’s mitigating circumstances would not be judged the same way the other lie was.
Genesis 2:7 (NASB) – “Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”
Job 27:3 (NASB) – “For as long as life is in me, And the breath of God is in my nostrils”

Murdering is a sin, and abortion is infanticide, so abortion is a sin. Although the spirit of life does not enter the body until after it begins breathing, the time the soul enters the body is not an excuse the general public can use because they either do not have that knowledge or they aren’t considering it anyway. They would rather consider their own convenience. So, when a woman has an abortion, she is not doing it with some special enlightened time gauge of soul inhabitation dictating her actions, she is instead, more often than not, making a selfish choice to end a life, because she acted irresponsibly. What is either aggravating or mitigating is the motivation, and very seldom is the motivation noble when it comes to abortion.

Is it possible to say that the greater sin is to bring an unwanted life into the world, who would suffer and cause others to suffer as a result? Sure, but the woman does not have that foreknowledge, so while we can open the books and decide what was the best course of action in the grand scheme of things, the woman having the abortion does not have the divine omnipotence to make such a determination on her own. What she does have is the divine gift to bring life into the world, and the divine responsibility to nurture it. Or if she is irresponsible, the ability to destroy it. In this, it is somewhat critical to learn that we are a community. No one raises a child by themselves, alone, though we are the primary caretakers of those we bring into the world. A new mother should have the help of the sire of the child, with the extended family and neighborhood around her to aid her. Were it for such a community focus on each other, such cases of needing to abort a child would be extremely rare. Nurturing adults translates into stable groups, and stable relationships bring forth fruits of joy and a blessing to the community. Isolation, burden, and resentment bring the opposite. Are there circumstances where abortion is the noble choice? Yes, but those circumstances rarely outweigh the fact that a woman made an irresponsible choice that initiated the event.

The point here is that it is neither an automatic damnation nor is it something that will be looked upon favourably at the Judgment. But also consider this, bringing an unwanted child into the world is a sin as well because the child often suffers at the hands of a parent that is unprepared and regretful, and takes out the regret upon the child, unless a good adoption situation is established. Can a person be forgiven? Yes, but considering the gravity of the sin, forgiveness would not come easy.
Love God Love Each Other.