Sabbath Service with William Scoggins

Hello and welcome back. I’m Cardinal William Scoggins with the Ecumenical Order of Christ, the only clergy who openly follow the Returned Christ, Lord RayEl. You’re watching The Bishop UnF-ckingCensored, presented by the Armageddon Broadcast Network.

Alert prophecy watchers worldwide got a fresh sense of alarm recently when Israel and Gaza traded thousands and thousands of rockets and bombs for eleven days following extreme violence on Mt. Zion. A fragile ceasefire was finally called, but not before almost every major military and their uncles took notice. Even Russia threatened to use force against Israel. These ceasefires never seem to last for long, and the inevitable debate will resume with new energy.

What debate? The one where everyone but Israel and her short list of allies decides to divide the land by forming a Palestinian State. You might recall something like this in 2011 when the UN tried it. Just before the vote was called, Lord RayEl made his first address to the world that May 21st. His exact words about Israel were “DO NOT DIVIDE MY LAND.” Lord RayEl also hinted at a solution which would please both parties, but each nation has failed to seek it from him. So, he told them he would darken the sun, among other things we’ve been seeing since. Sunspot AR-1302 suddenly appeared and began blasting Earth with extreme near-miss solar flares. The UN decided not to divide Israel for a while, and the solar storm disappeared.

So almost ten years to the day since Lord RayEl adressed the world, and that anniversary was coincided by eleven days of warfare in Israel, followed by this recent push for a Palestinian State beginning again. Yeah, that’s not random, folks. The difference now is other nations are much more willing to get involved and use force about it. That’s because Israel has absolutely lost all patience with terrorists targeting civilians with thousands of rockets, and is more determined than ever to wipe them out.

Meanwhile, we just entered a new cycle of increased solar storms. RIGHT ON TIME.

I generally don’t make predictions, but if all this isn’t a sign… and isn’t a divinely-timed primer for the biblical war of Armageddon to explode any minute now, then I don’t know what is. It’s time to give yourselves to God, people, and do it with your actions. Do it now, and don’t quit till the bell rings.