Correcting the Children of God by Cardinal Samantha Kennedy

Hello, I am cardinal Kennedy, and today I want to give you some understanding as the regards to why people today are being chastised, yeah because it being the end of days but there’s more to that so if you look at yourself like this if your a parent and your child does something really really bad. What do you do in order to teach that child that you love? Do you just chastise that child to teach the child to correct its behaviour, or do you let the child go unpunished so it won’t learn the lesson? God loves us he is our father, so he will still punish those who he loves who have done wrong. Another point is how are we the children to learn about the precious gift of Life unless we experience all manner of pain and suffering including death. Life is the Divine gift .life experience gives strength. we are through life going through a furnace so that we are moulded into a perfect form at the end. The remnant which is no good is the Slug waste of the metal that is discarded. A farmer will harvest the wheat from the tares and as the Lord has said the harvest began since his arrival in 2011, and we have seen many lose their physical bodies during this time.

Remember also that the kingdom is not what you see before you, it will be all renewed like a new Garden of Eden. The Old burnt away cleansed. As we see with Enoch he saw at the very beginning before Noah’s vision of the Flood, burning away. that to cleanse away that unrepentant and unrighteous and those of a pure spirit remained to reseed the Earth. This time the Chosen are the ones you shall have this Paradise and walked with God and his son and learn directly. That is why the 144000 children and the other chosen Shall Inherit the Earth. Only now at the end do we understand the grand scope and plan of God.

Only those who do not understand are those you complain, even though mankind was pre-warned 2000 years ago by Yeshua the Christ and by the apostles and other Saints that at the end we will have to atone for our lives that we have been gifted with, we need to stop the whinging and the whining and drop the attitudes, because whether we like what is coming or not we can not go on in the world with so much hate and evil presence, that it needs to change an order the mankind to take their place in the bigger picture as more mature souls. those who won’t accept the changes do so because of their own fear of letting the old way go. so they cling to the past their past ways I would rather stick their heads in the sand hoping it won’t happen. yet they are the first to complain of the lives that have been led by themselves. It`s their own fault, so what must be done must be done. so if God and the Lord did not love you they would not take the time to correct you, God would have simply wiped you out of existence and be done with it. but because they do love you they want to see you learn and correct yourselves. So ask yourself this, Are you a naughty child? Do you need correction? You do, you definitely do, if you were good if you were wise if you accepted the knowledge if you accepted the fact of the ways to the Teachings of Christ, you would not be so worried, you would have a chance. but for your own naughtiness and sheer stupidity, you have only yourself to blame if you do not make it into Paradise. and I will leave you with this.

love God love each other. amen