Enlightenment of Mind and Heart

This is Priestess Jane Casson of the Ecumenical Order of Christ, and today I will be talking on a Teaching called, “Enlightenment of Mind and Heart.” This is from The Return of Christ book which you can purchase from Amazon.
2,000 years ago, those who followed him had very little understanding of scripture, most were illiterate, even his disciples. This was Yeshua 2,00O years ago. They did NOT follow him because they thought he was the Messiah. They followed him for what he REPRESENTED and the AUTHORITY he taught with. The Returned Messiah, Christ Lord RayEl is here, and it is the same thing today. You are not supposed to follow him blindly just because of the fact that he is Christ, you are supposed to follow him for what he REPRESENTS and the AUTHORITY he holds. He represents the cause of love, truth, and righteousness, and has demonstrated that he has the authority to change and judge the world, and he will. What you have been taught about religious doctrines matter VERY LITTLE compared to this, which is why so many religious people will perish, and many atheists will enter the New Kingdom. You must use your mind and heart! There is very little reason to exercise faith and belief when you can know. Seek enlightenment and goodness and have faith in God and the just cause. Have faith that our suffering will end, and love and truth will prevail, because it will, and you know it if you do your research. Lord RayEl can, and will, save the world. Love God Love Each Other.