Following God’s Plan

by Eric Logan

Hello everyone, I’m glad you found us. I’m Cardinal Eric Logan, Apostolic Nuncio for the Ecumenical Order of Christ.
There are several things deserving our attention, several things I should speak about. Let the focus be God’s will amid them.
We have no easy answer for your problems because some are there by your own creation, and some to teach you, and some to test your resolve. If the answers were easy, you wouldn’t turn to Lord RayEl for them. This little rock we all share is not meant to be devoid of suffering, it’s meant to get you where you need to go, whether that’s the Kingdom or the next lesson.

Having said all that, this is not a place meant to be devoid of joy. Healing anxiety begins with relearning fun, and trust in God’s plan, and then acceptance of it. Healing depression begins with contemplating gratitude, even in small mercies, with sincere appreciation of God’s plan.

Most worldly problems have solutions to be found in things like empathy, humility, gratitude, acceptance, patience, etc. All of these are strengthened when you actively remember to love God and love each other. Understand, however, that God is not only some vague omnipresent natural force. He is a person. He feels, He hurts, He loves, and He has thoughts and intentions. He has this plan and he shares glimpses of it with us through His son RayEl or the prophets or apostles. If we work to complete it, there’s a real person feeling joy for your sake. If we neglect it, there’s a troubled Father who now has to try to show the better way as He watches us suffer and struggle against the grain.

When RayEl commanded Americans to come out of Babylon, a few listened. It’s one of those big points I wanted to bring to your attention, but I’m not interested in delivering a longwinded spiel about it. It’s really simple. Although the EOC no longer offers any support to exodees, your options never changed. You have two: Either come out and face the struggles in that adventure, or stay and accept that the turmoil aimed at Satan’s kingdom by God is also aimed at you, personally. Most are sadly meant to stay right where they are.

An election looms in America, and everyone clamors for their favorite puppet to take the stage and dance for the next four years. As much as I favor the Libertarian party, the elections are altogether redundant. A grievous misplacement of true priority.
Elections are supposed to be about the free will of the people, collectively. Well, collectively America has ignored or scorned the King of Kings. A walking talking beacon of stable global leadership with the divine right to rule, yet you still think a president elected by a nation of plagues will fix anything.
That’s not entirely fair I suppose. The majority of you don’t expect any good from the election, you just hope the damage will be mitigated.

Again I remind you; Christ is back.

It isn’t too late to turn to him and join the New Kingdom at its foundation. Look, when you choose his path, you’re signing yourself up for a rough ride. You will quickly be tested by strong distractions, anything that might divert your attention and keep you busy elsewhere. You may face immediate hardship, and immediate blessings in your sincerity. You will see the subtle way your world bends around this crucial decision, either way. Some of you know this, but you still hold back with tight lips when a truth demands speaking.
Maybe you think you’re not worthy to serve Christ. I call bullshit, and here’s why.

None of us, not even those he calls to lead and even judge souls, is worthy of our Father in Heaven. An unworthy man once wrote that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So you say you aren’t worthy? And? Is there some other completely irrelevant data you’d like me to process or can you find some resolve?
We must quit our whining and do God’s work, family. That starts with gratitude as well. You think you’re unworthy but God is daily blessing you with a meal and a voice? If I weren’t an idiot I’d postulate that maybe, just maybe, an ongoing effort to reciprocate our Father’s love is a suitable response to your daily bread. Just a thought, but what do I know?

The truth is, love is not about what you deserve. Love is about giving yours, and accepting what is given because you value it as the only glimmering treasure in a universe of scarce purpose. So remember: Love God. Love each other.

Priestly Blessing.
May our Heavenly Father bless and protect you.
May He face you and shed His light and grace upon you.
May He grant you peace, joy and everlasting love.

Love you all, be well.