by Eric Logan

I’ve been thinking about the spirit of our ministry. We often say it is our logic and evidence that sets us apart. We preach accountability. I realize a disadvantage in this: We don’t always seem especially uplifting. We don’t do hype as well as typical churches. You will not always walk away from a RayElite sermon feeling like everything will be okay.
I won’t defend it nor apologize because the truth is more important than soothsaying, and we know the greatest hope for mankind is on its way. There is plenty to smile about, and plenty to address. We can ignore neither.

Have you ever been afraid to be too happy because you fear it will leave you unprepared when the good times are exchanged for challenge and struggle?
Those who have lived through enough may know this phrase, “waiting for the other boot to drop.” It means expecting worse hardship. There’s wisdom in preparedness, and there is wisdom in valuing the moment you stand in.

Look, all things change except the goodness of the Lord. This is an immutable fact of life and eternity. So your brightest moments will change, and your darkest moments will change. Appreciate both while you have them.
If it hurts, feel it and live. Remember that feeling after it passes. When pleasure comes, appraise it fully contrasted, and enjoy it two fold.

The other boot may fall, but if it isn’t now, and you prepared in whatever way you can, then no amount of worry will enrich your existence.
Yeshua said, “you shall not be concerned about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be concerned for itself. A day’s own trouble is sufficient for it.”
Accept the future instead of fearing it. If you can do that, then you can accept the present moment and value it correctly instead of robbing yourself of the joy our Father in Heaven has offered in every moment!

All this has been on my heart because there are those who bless the Lord in action, and I believe in a pattern when that happens. I’m telling you to brace yourself and have hope. Those who knowingly choose to serve the Lord in any way can expect two things to happen: They will be blessed, and they will be tested.
Either can take any form in their lives, but we observe this happening in big ways. The Accuser of Man will test them with hardships or other distractions, even pleasing ones, to see if they have firm resolve before coming to the Lord. God will bless them, however, and see them through it to thrive if they are unwavering.

Picking up your cross and following the Lord is one of the most challenging things you will ever undertake. Let’s have no illusions. It’s also the most rewarding path to walk, and it will grant a tremendous appreciation for life and those who walk it with you. That’s right, although each of us are responsible for our own resolve, none of us stand truly alone, ever.

We’re with you, near and far. As one resolute family, we will see the eternal Glory of God’s Kingdom together! Just hold on a little longer.