The High Price of Poor Leadership and Corruption

by Michael Harr

“You will either be a grand example to those you lead… or I shall make an example of you!” – Lord RayEl’s address to the Templar Command.

Lord RayEl is the “King of Kings”, he makes leaders and he breaks leaders… He holds those who guide others far more responsible than he holds individuals. As a result, good leaders are showered with reward, while bad leaders face unspeakable consequences.


You see today all around you leaders falling right and left, scandals abounding in the political arena, investigations happening right and left. Most politicians are not in their office to serve the people as they so vigorously campaigned for to get elected. No, most politicians today are absolutely corrupted to their very core. Let us speak of only the U.S. for example. The United States rebelled against the crown that was lowered from heaven to govern mankind, instead it opted for “democracy” which is one letter removed from “Demoncracy”. Elected officials who are placed into office based only on “popular vote” versus what would qualify them to be suitable for that office. Soon after they are taking bribes to line their pockets with cash so that they can pass unfair laws for their constituents and big business that are happy to give them money so they can continue to do whatever they want. You have Generals and Admirals in the military pushing for war. You have rogue agencies doing “black ops” projects with no accountability. Lies permeate the entire system. The United States has become a “police state” where your freedoms and liberties are constantly undermined and put in jeopardy, sometimes for as little as looking at a police officer the wrong way. The U.S. has the most people incarcerated per capita of any country in the world. To top everything off the entire country is a house divided.

Matthew 12:25 But Yeshua knew their designs, and he said to them, “Every Kingdom that is divided against itself will be destroyed and every house and city that is divided against itself will not stand.

Even the one President who ended the civil war that so divided the country gave a famous speech on this very subject. Look up President Lincoln’s House divided speech given June, 16th, 1858.

Leaders today act as if their actions have no consequences, as if their eternal souls are not at stake.

This is why world leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, political leaders, military leaders, etc, are given the chance to succeed or fail now, so that their place in the New Kingdom is earned or lost by virtue of merit.

But, as you’ve seen by the reaction of world leaders to his arrival, most have grown haughty in their positions, forgetting who they ultimately serve, and why they have been gifted by God, the opportunity to guide others… Thus their divine blessing shall become a burdensome stone, that will soon pull them under.


Jer 25:34 (JPS) Wail, ye shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the dust, ye leaders of the flock; for the days of your slaughter are fully come, and I will break you in pieces, and ye shall fall like a precious vessel.


Ultimately, the leaders of this world today were given their positions to serve God and the Lord. To bring about the New Kingdom and work to unify mankind.

It is time for leaders everywhere to realize why they are where they are… Why they have been given what they have been given… And why they MUST do everything in their power to show The Lord that his trust in them has not been misplaced.

If they do not, whether they be secular leaders or religious leaders, it matters not what position they were given it is to serve the Crown. Most have failed horribly and it is why the world is on the bring of total destruction at its own hands…. Because the leaders of this world cannot come together to seek understanding, to strive after the truth and for knowledge. They cannot seek peace together and harmony, and even most grievously they cannot work together to actually solve the problems that face the world.

It is time for the leaders of the world to lead, righteously, in the Holy Name of Lord RayEl.