Conveying Understanding by Cardinal Eric Logan

The expected purpose of any sort of guide, whether spiritual, religious, scholarly, mental, or otherwise is to expedite your path to where you might not have reached as quickly if at all. I’m supposed to offer you some wisdom, something to get you to God’s Kingdom in good standing with the King, the Christ, Lord RayEl. Even his purpose can be seen as trying to make his people worthy of favor by Our Father in Heaven. Any authority or leadership we’re given is specifically for that goal, not only for our sake but all who follow.

Having said that, I’m a bit stumped. A teacher or guide’s go-to tool is usually to teach and explain by word. Whatever wisdom and perspective we have, it’s usually offered as I am now, spoken for those who listen and written for those who read. What about those who feel? They are the ones learning. You can hear a lesson twenty times, but it won’t really become your knowledge until you live it in some way.

I struggle to offer worthwhile advice not because I have learned nothing, but because it’s difficult to picture anyone learning the most personal lessons by simply hearing them. The best teachers master the art of teaching how to think, not what to think, and letting students work through a process to find the best conclusions for themselves.

That’s what God has arranged for this Earth experience. Some have sensed that we live in a sort of simulated reality. I would compare the world’s arrangement more to a play on stage, and less to the Matrix movies, but the conclusion is the same. What matters is the spiritual takeaway as we train within our performance. That’s what people miss when they suspect the “matrix theory,” expecting the worse, viewing our existence as a parasitic prison and not a classroom. We’re here to learn, and the heavenly powers who arranged all this would get along just fine without us. In fact, many of them chose to incarnate within this framework for that same benefit, because even they are trying to grow and mature. How peaceful Heaven must be, that we’d subject ourselves to Earthly struggle just for a challenge!

Back to the subject at hand, as someone hoping to serve by teaching souls, I look to Christ’s examples for methods. The Sermon On the Mount is probably the most famous example of him teaching masses, and within it he delivers simple truth and valuable wisdom with spoken word as his primary tool. But let’s look at other examples, too. When the Pharisees and doubters question him, he questions them with a challenge of logic and rational thought. To Caesar what is Caesar’s, indeed. When questioned about the Sabbath, he maintains its holiness and makes clear what God actually expects of divine servants during it. When questioned about the guilt of an adulterous woman, he questioned the innocence of the accusers. So the best lesson I can instill is to think deeply, widely, and consider experience.

May our Heavenly Father bless and protect you.

May He face you and shed His light and grace upon you.

May He grant you peace, joy, and everlasting love.

Go now, you are sent forth to share the Good News, to Love God, and to Love Each Other. Amen