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Cardinal Joseph Monte came from an athletic background, having studied and competed his whole life in aspirations to become a golf touring professional. He was once top of his class, and received scholarships to play at the NCAA Division I collegiate level. However, after years of life as a pro, God called upon his heart to follow the true path that was laid out for him, and that was to lay down his life for the Lord. He did as Matthew 19:21 instructs, by giving up everything to follow Christ, and in 2014 he joined the priesthood. Since then, he has excelled in his position, quickly achieving the rank of Cardinal and named the Apostolic Nuncio for the Ecumenical Church. In addition, he is a talented amateur meteorologist, and has used his lifelong study and observation to recognize many signs that we are living in the End of Days. He has been given a special diplomatic envoy, traveling across the world with a commission to share deep inside information with many of the top religious and political leaders in places such as America, Israel, and Europe. While on his mission, he has been blessed with meeting his wife, Judith. The two are joined by a team of dedicated ministers who are now working to create Monte Ministries, which is Cardinal Monte’s latest effort to share the Lord’s message all over the world.

Cardinal Clark Isaac II is no stranger to adversity. As an at risk youth, homeless on the streets of South Bronx, New York City in the summer of 2001, he was cared for and nourished with the word of God through a street ministry/ homeless outreach. It was there that his path to the Lord truly began. Inspired to reach people of all walks, to help those in need, and to bring understanding between all cultures, Clark began his journey into adulthood without delay.

At 17 years old (2003) he enlisted as a HealthCare Specialist (Combat Medic) in the US Army and served beside the brave soldiers of the 1st Squadron & 10th Cavalry regiment of the 4th Infantry Division. There he bravely faced the harsh environments of combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom, just after the first year push through the country to remove the former regime from power and assist the Iraqi people. After some harsh realities of US foreign affairs were made apparent to him, Clark was honorably discharged from service and continued his walk with the Lord.

In 2013 Clark was united with the Catholic EOC where he has been serving honorably as our Interfaith Liaison, bringing his experience and love for all peoples to this ministry. Sharing our Lord’s love with the peoples of the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, & Israel.

Archbishop Adam Muema grew up in the tough streets of LA County and used sports as his get away from the negative temptations of the world. At the age of 4, he developed an aspiration to play football in the NFL, and after a successful high school and college career at San Diego State University, he was invited to the 2013 NFL combine.

Adam’s step father was heavily involved with a Southern Baptist church, and introduced Adam to God. But after being taken away in a custody battle, Adam’s aunt and uncle took it upon themselves to take him in, and that is when he began trying to use every opportunity he had to find God in his walk of life.

In 2010, Adam found himself treating football as his god, he had a revelation on idolatry when he woke up one day and suddenly lost the passion to play. He prayed that God would restore his love for the game, but instead he was redirected to seek the more important things in life (Matthew 6:19-21).

In 2013, Archbishop Muema made a major decision to leave the NFL combine early, and he chose to join the Lord’s mission. Since then, he has lived with the basic fundamentals of unity through Loving God and loving each other, and is now fulfilling God’s plan for him as a spiritual leader with Monte Ministries.

Archbishop Eric Logan has known Christ Yeshua personally from a young age. After stumbling in his walk as a teen, he returned to his relationship with God. Through many different trades including construction, herbal medicine, and more, he has learned to connect with a broad range of experiences to better help others in their walk of faith. He has been particularly drawn to reach out to secular individuals who often find any sort of faith to be challenging. His critical, down-to-earth approach to biblical history and applying scripture to everyday life comes from his belief that God’s immeasurable power does not work like a magic wand, but by reason and order which is built into all of creation. For Eric, this pragmatic approach to faith only adds to the miracle of God’s work.

Since coming to the Ecumenical Order of Christ, Eric has worked constantly to share biblical wisdom with any who will hear it. He has helped to plan and spoken at multiple seminars, as well as taking part in multiple ministries. He is always happy to reach a little further. He has taken part in a mission to Israel where he began reaching out to members of other Abrahamic faiths by showing them the light of Christ. He has studied Jewish theology extensively to better understand the roots upon which Christianity has grown, and has found that there are many parallels between the two which serve as valuable common ground. By seeking to understand others as well as he understands God’s Word, Eric is a warm and magnetic witness for the Lord.

Bishop William Scoggins has worked in both the construction field as a General contractor and as an owner operator of a trucking company. He began to study the Bible when he was 21 and developed a passion for learning the truth. Whether building homes or driving a semi-truck, William learned from the scriptures and the enjoyed the different perspectives of the churches. William initially joined the ranks of the Ecumenical Order of Christ as a deacon back in 2013, and then studied to become a Priest and later moved up to a Bishop. His knowledge of scripture, theology, and eschatology has helped him interface with numerous religious leaders, and he uses his love for God and for one another to positively impact the community.

Currently, Bishop Scoggins conducts End Times presentations, Bible studies, public speaking, and charity in affiliation with Monte Ministries.

Priest Michael Harr came from a life on a ranch. At the age of 7 his parents divorced and he went to live with his Mother and step-father learning how to care for animals and the land. He learned responsibility at an early age. Even though Michael did not ever attend church growing up or read a bible, he had a belief in God and of his Son. He learned the value of good morals such as being honest in everything, never stealing.

In 2009 was the time that Michael truly began down the path to the Lord’s mission. While homeless in the streets of Kansas after a bad divorce, he found himself inside a church for the first time in his life. That is when he picked up a bible and began to read God’s word rigorously studying the stories and lessons inside the passages.

After many years of study Michael joined the Priesthood in early part of 2016 and began to grow even more in his studies and service. Today Priest Michael is a Torah code and Bible Code researcher, public speaking as well as providing services to the public under Monte’s Ministries.